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C E L L O    T E A C H E R

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"By far the most, organised, responsible and prompt teacher! Wallis has pushed my daughter beyond her limits. She's really kind but firm with her advice. I really like her reliability with giving notes at the end of each lesson so that my daughter can go through what she has to practice. My daughter really enjoys her lessons with Wallis. I pleased that her improvement has been remarkable" - Chloe.

Wallis began her teaching career while still at school and now has over eight years of experience teaching both cello and music theory. She teaches cellists of all ages and standards, from beginner level to Grade 8+ and beyond. 

Based in London, Wallis set up her private cello teaching business while studying for her masters degree at The Royal College of Music. Over the past few years, she has built up a large pool of students of all ages and standards. 

Wallis is also comfortable delivering lessons online, having successfully taken on several new students in 2020. She was also recently a tutor on the 'All Things Cello' online courses. 

If you would like to enquire about cello lessons, please do so through the contact page and Wallis will be in touch shortly. 

"Wallis is a fantastic teacher who has helped me refine my interpretations of a variety of difficult pieces. Since starting my lessons with her I have experienced far more technical improvement per week than I would have achieved previously and the notes that she provides after the lessons are also incredibly detailed and useful, allowing for more productive practice between lessons" - Rhys.


"It has been a real delight taking cello lessons with Wallis. She brings with her a keen focus on technique and detail, while never losing the magic of music. I have learnt so much both technically and musically from her (even while lessons had to be on Zoom!). 


It’s hard to express how wonderful it is to have a teacher whose love for music and her craft inspires the same in you. Even practising studies and scales are a joy. Thank you!" - Jecolia.

"Wallis is a very friendly, kind but firm teacher. She has been teaching my daughter playing the cello since my daughter was 6, it’s been nearly two years. Either in skills and knowledge has she done so much with my daughter and made her progress steadily. Wallis is  very good at encouraging my daughter, which makes her being interested in playing the cello more and more. With Wallis’ effort, In less than two years, my daughter is heading for grade 4 from beginner" - Moon.

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